Follow us on Facebook and we will try to let you know where we will be in the parade. 
There may be a few extra nutcracker rehearsals without me for Claire, the Nutcracker and the Mouse Queen, but I will be out of town.

We have rehearsal the Sunday after Thanksgiving, 
then Dec. 3rd we dance at Holly Days at 12:00 noon. 
Every class has a dance. If you will text me at 601-630-5543, I can send you the video so your child can practice. 
Nursing homes are scheduled the week of Dec. 12th.
Youngest dancers need to sign up for nutcracker angels. All eligible students came today and only 2 signed up. I need to know who is doing it so I make sure I have enough costumes. This is baby angels. There is no rehearsal or costume rental fee. There is however $10 for tickets to the show. They will rehearse the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Maybe Saturday if many of you will be in town.
We are now taking names and sizes for Nutcracker T-shirts. $20 
Please remember No class next week. 

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