Dress Code


* All students wear a cover up coming and leaving the building.

* Hair must be pulled back off face. 5th grade and older must have hair in a SECURED bun.
  Please buy your child pins and hair nets so they may be prepared.

* Each class will have a different leotard they can go online and order. Dress code is up on their website

* T-shirts, shorts and baggy clothing are not allowed except for hip hop

* Tights with feet only.

* No hipster tights

* Jazz pants are not allowed

* Convertible tights for pre-toe

* Panties are not worn under leotards.

* All girls wear tan tap shoes. Heels are required for 6th grade and older. Mary
  Janie for kindergarten and older.

* Pink ballet shoes with elastic.

* Tan Jazz shoes.

* Advanced jazz is required to have two pair of jazz shoes. One the regular flats
  and the other a heel.

* Boys wear black tap and jazz shoes and white ballet shoes.

* Dance shoes are not to be worn outside.

* All jazz class needs kneepads.

* No jewelry.

* The 3rd full week of each month, students may come out of uniform and wear skirts and junk.


Students who are not properly dressed (including hair) will not participate.
Dance Etiquette

· No gum, food, or drink in the building.

· Students should arrive in time to be prepared for class 10 minutes early.

· Stay in the dressing area until it is time for class to start.

· If you should happen to arrive late wait at the door until the music has stopped.

· Students should be picked up promptly at the end of class.

· Younger children must be accompanied by an adult when leaving the building.

· Class is mandatory for a good performance. Students missing more than 1/3 of the classes
  will not be allowed to participate in the performances.

· Students or their parents should call the studio if a child will be absent.

· Any student disrupting class will be asked to leave.

· We are not responsible for injuries on the premises.    

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